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If you have further questions about dental
implants, call Dr. Brown's office  . We want to
ensure that you completely understand and are
comfortable with this treatment option.
About dental implants

Dental implants are an excellent option for many patients.
When you lose teeth, or even just one tooth, your ability to
speak and eat is often negatively affected. Many people are
uncomfortable with dentures or bridges, as they do not
fully replace the appearance or function of natural teeth.
The implant process is usually done in two steps. In the
first procedures, which can often be done with local
anesthetics (just like a filling), the implant is placed in the

After three to four months, the second procedure takes
place. The time in between allows the bone to grow to hold
the implant in place. In this procedure,  Dr. Brown places a
post into the implant. While the artificial teeth are being
made, you will have a temporary tooth ( or dentures )
Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants provide patients with long lasting, strong and
natural looking replacement teeth. This allows  Dr. Brown to
free her Charleston area patients from uncomfortable
complete dentures and removable partial dentures. Those
who undergo a dental implant restoration can finally eat what
they want without the fear of an embarrassing denture slip.
Dental implants are now the most popular solution to missing
teeth at Dr. Brown's practice.
Dental Fixed Crown & Bridge Restorations

If you're missing one or more teeth, fixed dental bridges are
an excellent alternative to removable partial dentures.  By
attaching natural looking artificial teeth between two dental
crowns on the opposing teeth, Dr. Brown is able to give
your smile a wonderful, functional and aesthetic
improvement. Dental bridges are not prone to the slippage
of removable dentures.
General Dentistry with a Caring Touch

When you come to Dr. Brown & Associates Family
Dentistry, Dr. Brown and her friendly staff work to make
you feel comfortable from the first moment you enter our
office. It's our belief that our patients deserve the highest
quality  dental care with a gentle, caring touch. We do our
best to make everyone's visit as comfortable as possible.
Dr. Brown & her Staff  strive to provide a comfortable
environment for her patients, whether that means
providing music or various relaxing techniques such as
Gas or Oral Sedation.
"Beautiful Smiles For Beautiful Faces From South Carolina's Gentle Dentist."

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